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Rapture Premium Vodka
Raptune Premium Vodka - A noble vodka created when tiny barley grains combine with fresh tumbling water. The Magic of Raptune Premium Vodka is a result of Blending - an art- practiced with care and preferred over the years. The malt is matured for years, stored away carefully and brought out only when the time is right. What flows out is clear- amber liquid. A rich - smooth brew. Ready to be bottled is its quaint shape bottles.
 Colour : Golden Amber
 Body : Medium to Full, Firm and Smooth
 Nose : Floral Finish, Smooth, Glowing and Long
 Palates : Malty and Nutty
 Available Size : 750ml X 12 Bottles, 180ml X 48 Bottles and 90ml X 96 Bottles
Packed in Clear Square Glass Bottle, with inner carton ,finally packed in Duplex Master Carton.

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