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Amber Distilleries Limited a company incorporated in 1985 having license to manufacture Indian Made Foreign Liquor issued by the Government of Maharashtra in 1984 and the unit is cleared with all Government compliances. Present management is lead by Pratap Talwar (Managing Director) and Satish Doshi (CEO) who have 40 yrs expertise in the Liquor, Beverages & Food businesses, The plant is situated in Special zone near Mumbai, 85 Km from Mumbai Airport and from JNPT port.

Currently, company is having production capacity of one million cases per year out of which around 50% is being exported to overseas markets. Company have already completed it’s expansion plans in early 2018 which can now cater / produce two million cases per year. Company is producing variety of regular premium and super premium products of IMFL i.e. Whisky, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Brandy and Flavoured products. Company is catering to civil markets, Indian Defence Services and export to overseas markets.

Company have plans to enter into joint venture for manufacturing and marketing arrangements with Indian & Foreign MNC’s in addition to expand the business for their own brands in India & Overseas to utilise optimum production capacity. Company is also in position to provide dedicated production facilities for tie-up arrangements.
Plant office at Khanivli, Taluka – Wada
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