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Plant office at Khanivli, Taluka – Wada
The Unit
The present unit Amber Distilleries Limited is situated in special zone near Thane 85 Km from Mumbai Airport and 50 Km from Thane. And 155 kms from Pune The unit is set up to manufacture Indian Made Foreign Liquors i.e. Whisky, Rum, Gin Brandy, Vodka and other Liquors. The said unit is a running under the licence granted by The State Excise Department, Maharashtra State. The unit is cleared with all Government compliances i.e. Central FSSAI License, Factory Inspector Licence, Pollution Control Board, Weight & Measures and all other statutory requirements.
Land : Unit has ample industrial land admeasuring 2.50 Acres, which is sufficient enough for future expansion.
Buildings : Unit has Government Approved RCC & Shade Constructed Building 40,000Sq. Ft. Sufficient to meet its need.
Plant & Machinery : Unit is running with Two Fully Automatic and Two Semi Automatic Line to produce approx. 20,00,000 Cases per annum and can be increased in a short duration of time to meet any requirement.
Labour : Unit has sufficient Skill, unskilled mostly locally available. Supervisory, Technical and Staff is already deputed having a professional skill to manage the said unit.
Water : Ample good Quality water which is approved by Government Certified Laboratory as per the requirement of FSSAI.
Power : The activity of the Company does not require very high power consumption. Moreover, the Company has already installed a power connection of 55 KV and have two generators having capacity 63 & 45 KV to run the unit in any power failure time. Hence, power should not be any hindrance.
Availability of Raw Material : The major raw material used in the said unit is Spirit called as Extra Neutral Alcohol, Grain Spirits, Malt Spirits. The proposed site is in the heart of the distilleries belt of Maharashtra. Hence, there would not be any hindrances in procuring the Raw Material. Similarly, the Company would save a lot on the freight Charges, giving it an edge over the others in Mumbai, etc. Other Material like Bottle, Caps, Corrugated Boxes are available in ample quantity in nearby industrial areas and can be procured within short period.
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